DoctorWoodSideOfTruck DoctorWoodSurfBoard226720_2085019248305_6671955_nThe series is hosted by Dr. Wood, a one-of-a-kind character, rock and roll survivor and master craftsman. He grew up in Beverly Hills, counts superstars as friends and swings a hammer like an artist. Wood has built everything from celebrity mansions to recording studios and regular homes, but some of his most satisfying projects are remodel rescues. He is a veteran of countless construction catastrophes.

Wood wears his bags with swagger, with an in-your-face style that’s part Dog The Bounty Hunter, part Jimi Hendrix – and nothing makes him madder than cowboy contractors messing up on his turf. He’s loud and aggressive, with the talent to back it up, and 100% committed to wiping out shoddy work.

Each episode of Remodel Rehab begins with a family plagued by poor construction, on a major, life-changing project; everything from a kitchen tear down to a brand new home. The show begins with their current plight, whether it’s after the job’s ‘done’ or mid-way through a traumatic project. Wood and his team of tried and true tradesmen roll up in a customized monster truck, ready to survey the damage and figure out a solution.

Step one is working out what went wrong. Step two involves confronting the contractor who did the bad work, and giving him the opportunity to put it right. Dr. Wood always gives the guy a second chance, but he’s also uncompromising in his pursuit of what’s right. Wood uses all the tools at his disposal to bust bad workers, hidden cameras, in your face attitude and even sending in undercover team members to catch bad craftsmen in the act. Whatever the tactics, Wood and the team unload their tools and dive in to the chaos, with or without the contractor who screwed up in the first place.

For Step Three, Dr. Wood and his guys rip apart the shoddy work, and reveal where the contractor cut corners or just plain screwed up. In the process the homeowner, and the audience at home, learn about the warning signs to look for when hiring a contractor – from a man who knows every trick of the trade.

With a new leader managing the project, and a quality team behind him, the disaster is quickly turned around. Sawdust flies and Dr. Wood takes center stage on the job site. We see the master at work, working hand-in-hand with his team, and the homeowner, to fix the problem.

When the job is finally complete and all the mistakes are corrected, it’s time for everyone to step back and view the finished work. The before and after is always dramatic, and Wood figures out a way to add his own custom touches, rather than merely fixing the original mistake.

Remodel Rehab is a highly relatable show, because it focuses on a challenge faced by almost anyone who has ever hired a contractor. There’s high stakes and drama, with big money, huge upheaval and personal tastes all up for grabs – and only Dr. Wood can bring order to chaos.

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