20160529_172002WOODFLAG120151201_12320920150418_112937-1            “Los Angeles WOOD” KANGNAM STYLE ! “Los Angeles WOOD” is a newly formed Alternative Garage band based out of Sherman Oaks Ca. The band was formed by a 3rd generation So-Cal. Native, 2nd generation Angelian talent called “Dr.Wood”. The band was formed fairly recently for only one sole purpose. To potentially play live rock & roll on nation-wide, prime-time reality television. Opportunity is everything in “Hollywood”! “Dr.Wood” is being highly considered for his own reality TV series. “Wood” has put together a Stellar  rock act with the aspiration that “L.A. WOOD”, would also have opportunity for a higher level of immediate success for their music via a reality television market. “L.A. WOOD” is fronted by a lovely Korean Immigrant named June Lee Dow. Which is a rarity here on the L.A. Music scene to date . She sings her vocals in English, as it is her third language after Korean and Chinese. All the members of “Los Angeles WOOD” have big venue, stage-act experience individually.                         

Lead Vocals:  June Lee Dow                  

Bass player & vocals:  Ricky Flynn                

Guitar player & vocals:  Guitar Charlie                  

Drums: “Dr.Wood”

 Their music consists of a melodic and sexy combination of very powerful covers and originals. Email: dwdrwoodwood@gmail.com Manager contact: TBD Agent: TBD